Palomar StarLux 300

The Palomar Starlux is an innovative IPL system that allows you to do a multitude of treatments safely and effectively through various hand pieces.

Palomar Starlux 300

From hair removal to skin resurfacing, the Palormar Starlux out preforms other systems that cost 3x the amount of this all-in-one system. The low cost and overall versatility make it a highly profitable piece of equipment for your growing business.

The Starlux secret weapon comes in the hand pieces. With 8 available pieces, each designed for a different application, the Palomar Starlux competes within the likes of the Syneron eMax and the Candela GentleLase in terms of variety of uses. Some would even argue that this machine outperforms the above two in every way.

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Palomar StarLux Features

  • Advanced contact cooling to increase the patient’s comfort to the max
  • Photon recycling: reduces energy loss and increases effectiveness
  • Smooth pulse: Preprietary light delivery system that allows for the delivery of greater amounts of light energy. More energy delivery means quicker, more comfortable procedures

Palomar StarLux Applications

  • Hair removal on almost all skin types (LuxR & LuxRs handpieces)
  • Clear pigmented and vascular lesions (LuxG handpiece)
  • Treats acne (LuxV handpiece)
  • Skin resurfacing and tightening, stretch marks, melasma (Lux1540 handpiece)
  • Acne scar treatment (Lux1540 handpiece)
  • Tattoo removal

If you’re looking for a machine that will open your doors to a VERY wide variety of clients, this pre-owned Palomar StarLux 300 is the machine you’re looking for.

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